2011 – A Retrospect

Year 2011 was an eventful, so short.

It all started with a fresh job, thousands of miles away from home, in a remote part of India with harsh terrain and ruthless climate. It was a new beginning, a desperate attempt to salvage a career track gone wrong.

It might have been a cold bright morning, with photographers trying to capture the migratory avian species on their usual chores.  By the time I woke, the building shadows were slanting on front road; little turtles were on the surface of the pond on the other side of the road, maybe an attempt to steal the warmth off a winter sun.  I was feeling a bit dizzy, only thing I hate about whiskey and  New Year eve celebration gone wild, it gets you feel the narration of James Frey in A Million Little Pieces.

Lackadaisically, I had bath to return to some senses. I decided to go upstairs and catch some sun. As I closed the door behind and turned towards the stairs, I could not move. “Is she real? How can she be so beautiful?” I thought. All I got was a flash of her face. The words fixate and rivet could not have been truer. She walked upstairs, I remained riveted where I was, I didn’t follow her, but my eyes fixated on her did. She turned on the landing, I can see her, a gorgeous body, a cute smile on a sweet face and eyes so bright and cheerful that it makes you melt. I tried to smile back, but it took long. By the time my dozen plus facial muscles coordinated their acts for a smile, she was gone off my sight.

Back to my senses, I forgot to lock my door. I went in again, searched for the keys, locked my door and went downstairs. The place is new, I must explore it. Back on the roads the sun was bright, but felt so soothing. Passing through the narrow lanes and old sand stone walls, I went towards the open, tall windmills, sand, sea and sunshine. Thus, year 2011 starts…

Some peculiarities & moments on the records:

  • I travelled a lot. It started with two weddings in my family planned on same date of consecutive months in the first quarter.
  • Read everything, other than engineering, for engineer I am. My colleagues thought, I was forced into engineering.
  • Gave serious thought to my plans of management education, secured an offer from a good but expensive institute.
  • The question on my credit worthiness by banks. It was funny, deferred further education plans.
  • Gained weight, that too, to the tune of 15 kilograms to break into overweight category by the first half of the year.
  • Changed my job again, it appears I am quite regular at it. Changing jobs.
  • Was back to Sikkim in the summer after a long gap of 2 years.
  • Plans to reduce weight, being weighty are not a cool thing.
  • Completed thesis to be officially called a post-graduate.
  • Lost my grand-mother.
  • Wrote GMAT.
  • Completed target of watching 200 movies this year.

Keywords for the year – Pragmatism & Humility.

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7 Responses to 2011 – A Retrospect

  1. magiceye says:

    plans for 2012 in next post?

  2. Deepak says:

    haha well covered !
    i liked the gained weight part 😛

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  4. zephyr says:

    Wish you a very happy new year and may your plans and dreams come true 🙂

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