Comprehension in GMAT-strategies & tips

Manage your time well. Read the passage carefully. Speed reading is of no use if you do not comprehend well. Do not waste time on re-reads or poring over unimportant details when you move to questions. You should know where to look for in the passage, for what is being asked in the question.

Focus on key words, ideas presented in the paragraph and how that different or make up the whole idea of the passage. There are chances that the material you will be reading will be unfamiliar to you as there is equal chance that whole of the passage or part of the material present is familiar to you. Remember, GMAT doesn’t test your knowledge on any subject. Questions are based purely on what is implied or stated in the passage and nothing else. You are expected to answer based on the idea stated and implied in the texts of the passage alone.

Be more careful when you read the question. Give it a thought; be clear on what is being asked. Go back to passage, if you need to. Read all the answer choices, even if you are pretty sure that the first one is correct. And this applies to whole of verbal section on GMAT. Knowing all the options helps you to eliminate and makes you more confident on the correct answer choice.

If GMAT reading Section appears challenging, be familiar with it. Only way to do that is to practice. Try to attempt all passages on OG. Try out, Grockit. I found its practice exercises good & helpful with instantaneous explanations. Add diversity to you reading material during preparation.

Try to form a strategy that best suits you, and practice to perfect it. Test you accuracy on timed attempts to the passage.

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