Bloggers write, they don’t indite

Bloggers blog, and some blog about blogging. Writers write, they no longer indite, they blog about writing.

Yeah…I did it again.

It feels like those wannabe writers, who write more about writing than anything else. It is hard to suppress that urge. Perhaps, I am another headcount in their league. It intrigues me, why don’t people just write? Do they really need to share their gyaan about writing? Ernest Hemingway said “It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way”. Doesn’t that make more sense? I mean, it doesn’t make writing prosaic, as the advent of word processor made it.

Thanks to blogging community, I find a plethora of experiences, some genuine, some over-portrayed than apprehensible from the writings. The pros, the amateurs, and multitude of naive like me, and then, some writing just for ad money. I enjoy their story; learn from the experiences they share. I picked up some creative ideas about reading and writing, unknown to me. Their experiences give you a solace in the aloneness, a feeling that I too feel the same. At times, you feel good as it is saying “Every writer I know has trouble writing” as said Joseph Heller one of my favorite writers.

Words are chaotic, you never feel loneliness. It is tough to maintain focus as they stretch you in every direction.

Writers are enviable because they can write.

So do I, envy. Not their skills, their perseverance. I never tested on word targets, although I planned once, to complete a novel in 40 consecutive days, something more than 40000 words, that too at comfortable speed of 1000 words a day. I never wrote, in fact, I never started. I think I took the wrong approach. I detailed the plot; identified the characters; even prepare a Work Breakdown Structure, made a detailed day by day plan using Primavera Project Planner. Ah…it appeared so easy compared to the engineering project planning I do. Only thing, I didn’t realize was that both of them require a sincere soul and perseverance of effort. But writing is different, it’s not engineering. Formulae don’t work and procedures choke. It’s not like production; even best of inputs won’t guarantee any output.

It takes time; one can’t schedule it. It needs the resolve of keeping your hips glued to the writing spot. And more, it needs optimism to keep nourishing your subjects; in your thoughts, you live in a world around them and you need flexibility to fine tune the mellowness of the effect you want to create.



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5 Responses to Bloggers write, they don’t indite


    Words there are true, i don’t find you NAIVE !
    You seem to be a PRO BLOGGER !

  2. Zach says:

    Nice post…but I feel one shouldn’t get worked up over thinking what and how to write. If the experience/thought is meant to be written,it would transform into words without much thinking.

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thank You
      Agree .. one should not worry much on how & what to write..
      If a thought transforms into words on its own(sometimes they do), it’ll defeat the whole purpose of being a writer.

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