Ramblings of a Blocked Mind

January 10, 2012

Ten days into the year, I feel the slack. Apart from this blog, I am already behind on my writing schedule. I didn’t promise to stick to daily word targets, for I didn’t created one for one instance. I know it is not possible with a day job that compares as apples and oranges to writing. But, it was scheduled to finish three scenes by now; I am still fiddling my mind on second one.

Right now, I am neither focusing on quality of writing nor on the words limits. If it takes a hundred words instead of a fifty, let it be, I am not a miser when it comes to words. All I am interested in is writing scenes. And I feel more creative, more enthusiastic to write individual scenes. I am trying to bring out the best of me to each of them. I have a focus on my characters. I hope, these independent (not so independent)  scenes will  come together to express a story of each of the character and somewhere each of these stories and characters will intertwine to give a solid shape to my final story.

I am lagging on research. Research on character, scenes, background and the list continues… Mind you, I never thought it is so important; you cannot live on your experiences.  Your characters are as strong as the research behind them and the words you write, thereafter. And, it takes time and with this firangi in office, it is very unlikely that I will have any this week. Already with nothing flowing out, I replace character of this firangi with one of the old experienced characters in the story. Just to analyze; will he fit in? Then he comes from a different culture, I should replace the culture too.  Cultures are not exchangeable. That means I will have to twist a few scenes which I have planned and not yet written.  No, I am not doing it, unless it guarantees the flow of words as the keys clatters. I type, I Don’t Write.

‘I can’t start writing until I have a closing line.’ Again that is Joseph Heller for you, one on the list of my favorites. I am not taking his words, ‘coz if I do, I doubt, if I will ever start.


3333+ words so far in 2012 on Barunjha’s Blog

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10 Responses to Ramblings of a Blocked Mind

  1. You wrote my life…I’m lost in characters, words and quality. Guess, a break would help me…

  2. tejeesh says:

    totally identify with this post – have been frustrated for some days now myself for being unable to write anything of consequence!! but, are you writing a play – seems like, judging from what you wrote?

  3. Barun Jha says:

    yes.. it seems to be a common problem across board..
    No it’s not a play….just a story and a world around it.. 🙂

  4. rogerdcolby says:

    I have the 1000 words a day rule. The rule is that I write 1000 words a day even if what I wrote was pure garbage. I have outlined the novel completely and have already completed all research for this novel as well. All I have to do is write it.

    Well, I broke my rule. I no longer write 1000 words a day. I am down to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and on the weekends if I feel like it. I blog and post comments on blogs and try to get bloggers to follow me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have about 2 hours to work each day and if I don’t get the work done that day I get frustrated.

    I posted a blog a while back entitled “The Myth of Writer’s Block”. You should check that one out. The point is that writing is indeed hard work. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a certain amount of words written today. Let the work come to you. On the days when I don’t get to write, I spend the evening in bed (my wife disapproves) for the final wee hours before I drift off to sleep typing away on my iPhone’s Evernote app any ideas my brain chewed on that day. I can then come back when I have time to finish those ideas out and get things done.

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thanks Roger 🙂

      even this post is an attempt to keep on writing, not to stop and ponder..There is a lot to learn on your Blog…

  5. I totally understand this. I came across your blog because you came across http://www.circularrunning.wordpress.com and was nice enough to comment. Come back and follow. We always need friends–we need friends so much that I am suddenly using the royal We.

  6. Hariharan says:

    I am able to connect with this. I go through this many times. Many times writing is painful; but sometimes you love the pain.

    • Barun Jha says:

      Not Painful I would say…
      but agree the pleasure that comes after seeing your work is worth it.. 🙂

      Thank You for visit.. Do come again.

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