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I cannot figure it out, how it works for someone. Browsing throw a plethora of blog, most of them related to writing and blogging, I found some interesting blogs, bloggers and habits on blogging. One common practice, which I even noticed among Indian Bloggers, is daily posting. Some of them have named their posts on the days of week like Monday XXXX, Tuesday YYYY and so on. It is a good thing; it not only makes you regular on blogging but also gives you fixed themes to concentrate on.

Therefore, last Monday I made a plan. Not personal, that I cannot share. It was a plan for blogging… i.e. on Monday I will blog on zyz topics, Tuesdays will be off, Wednesday will for abc topics and so on. But, plans will always be plans due to built in virtues of laziness and procrastination in me. At times, it seems funny considering all my failed plans and how my company pays me for being a planning engineer for them. If not the world, it takes me by awe, how can one entrust planning of millions of dollars worth to a person who cannot plan simple things in life?  Then, I figure out difference, at office I only plan, I do not execute, someone else does, and it works out fine, on time, and on track. So, it is I (…or is it, it is me?) who is responsible for my lagging writing plans.

I learnt that being an honest commenter pays in terms of your blog being read in return. Either some good writer will pity you and read your posts or there are a lot of stats obsessed people who lack visitors to their blog despite their brilliant content and crave for reader engagement on their comment section.  I also learnt that another way of attracting followers and it is no different from twitter. All you have to do is to change your Gravatar image to the most beautiful profile picture you have (applicable only for girls, ladies and all female species in between). It not only draws attention but also morph the shallow depth of your intellect in those profound thoughts you write. If you still lack visits, which translates to you still look ugly, use an editor, tweak those photos to sepia or black & white which will always remain in vogue. And if you belong to male species, grow your facial, look shabby as if the last time you bathed was at least two months ago and get yourself photographed with some really weird expression on your face. Turn it to black & white, post it and if you are lucky, it will work, for there are chances that some sixth grader will see a great writer in you.

Some people fake it but others prefer to be true. A good description is always catchy. It tells people what you are, beyond all the writing. Be crafty in writing a true description of yourself. Don’t ape the blunder of copying it from others.

Among all the good bloggers, there exist thickos who think the only way of getting attention back is by link dropping, and believe me they do it quite holistically. Only thing they do not understand is that the occasional heaps they get on their stats histogram are showing them fingers for their deeds. The best way I found out to make them feel their cunningness is to edit their comments and notify them to refrain from doing so, but for some adamancy rules.


P.S.: Take away the lessons, not the bullshit out of this post.


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25 Responses to More on Blogging, Writing & Beyond


    Well you expressed your views..
    opinion differs, all of us here are to write or share something, quite expressive peoples we are..
    You called people who dropped link as THICKOS ??
    I don’t understand why you shared this link on INDIBLOGGER then ?
    see, point is we must try our best to make people read our blog, if you are a person who don’t want readers you can certainly stop sharing your link in everywhere(even in INDI)…

    Please don’t label people, see you can judge people you have all rights, but it should not be pretty hard when it comes to a community site, there are few people who will read only women blog, we can’t say it is as bad, it’s their wish and they have all rights to do so !

    And let people blog their way, i cant and i wont say you should not blog as MONDAY***** TUESDAY****, whatever it is it’s their own blog, if i dont like i wont make a visit
    and there are people whom i follow very much and comment honestly but they never show up at my blog, i don’t mind it though it is sad !

    We don’t need to be a pro blogger to advice others, it’s all about sharing a piece of cake we got, yes as you said GOOD and HONEST COMMENTS will lure people to your blog, and i so i did it, i just shared my views hope you will not take it as offence !
    and i leave my link too 😛
    Happy blogging !

    • DEEPAK KARTHIK says:

      oops, that’s look like an sub post 😛 sry !! hehehe

    • Barun Jha says:

      I respect your opinion. Thank you for such a thoughtful comments.

      However, I find that there is no use of dropping it in the comments. May be, it is only me who feel it obscene. If you fill-in the website section of comment form it automatically redirects readers to your blog.
      It is as simple as that.

      • DEEPAK KARTHIK says:

        well i like your last line, but only you can see that i think,..
        to make it much simple, we are dropping links like USER FRIENDLY ONE 😛

        People have their own opinion and you and me have ours.. it is not obscene and all 🙂
        Just a process… perhaps a quick link , i just wonder why it looks odd ?
        whatever at end of the day w are here to share our views through our blog which can shared through providing LINKS !

        • Barun Jha says:

          “… a quick link”
          that explains the part of your Indiblogger concern, ,and Hey.. it is not dropping a quick link..
          to explain more

          “Please don’t label people”
          I don’t think my words suggest that.

          “And let people blog their way”
          sorry I didn’t knew I was writing the Universal Code of Conduct for Blogging.

          “We don’t need to be a pro blogger to advice others”
          Well said, I am with you..


    “” Among all the good bloggers, there exist thickos “” -I believe this as a label perhaps a strong word to describe, you mark them as different one !

    “”all you have to do is to change your Gravatar image to the most beautiful profile picture you have (applicable only for girls, ladies and all female species in between).”” VERY TRUE.. i feel that you have given some directions, which is very similar like writing the Universal Code of Conduct for Blogging.

    If someone hates dropping link and if someone hates exhibitionism, he or she is unfit to join any blogger platform site, what you do in INDIBLOGGER ?? SHARING LINKS ? the same people do in comments ? why hate that ?
    if you hate that, you tell people dont add your link instead of treating them as sickos in between good bloggers you can do that !

    I personally drop links in my comments, does it mean that am not a good blogger ???? to me am the best but i wont disclose it anywhere, i feel myself as an amateur !

    “”Among all the good bloggers, there exist thickos who think the only way of getting attention back is by link dropping,”” WHAT IS THIS ?

    • Barun Jha says:

      Again Thank You for adding to the discussion.
      Let me make it clear, it was not meant to offend anyone personally or in any other way imaginable.

      I intended to write my observations with a pinch of satire.

      Secondly, I believe it a matter of difference in perception. That is why I read blogs, Write and share them. I never learnt anything from someone who agrees with me on everything. I will stop sharing the day, difference in opinion and perception cease to exist. I wish, the day never comes. 🙂

      However, for me, there exists a fine line which separates the platform of sharing your blog and platform for discussion. I believe on wordpress, blogspot or ib for that matter, I share whereas on the comment section I discuss. That is the reason I find links in comment section obscene. One can call me pedantic for that.

      thickos is a strong word, but I didn’t mean to use any caramelized version of it.

  3. Deepak says:

    whatever is it, when your observations comes to a major community, it should not ne hurting like you mentioned, : there are some thickos in between good bloggers,, it was damn rough !
    no problem it is your perception, i cant and i wont say that as wrong or worst !
    Happy blogging, thanks for your replies 🙂

    • Barun Jha says:

      I thought “a major community” took it as satire instead of directing that thickos remark on themselves..

      On a lighter note, don’t be Anna Hazare, don’t flog me for that… 😉

      * now, the least I am expecting is you to be a ardent follower of Anna Hazare… sry, I make joke on him.

  4. Hariharan says:

    So these are the tricks for increasing the traffic? Good. Humorous.

  5. I agree. In fact why leave a comment if it is not an honest comment. It serves no purpose. Reading posts that genuinely interest us and leaving meaningful comments I think, means we are blogging not just to ‘write’ but also to interact, and blogging is after all about interactions.

    • Barun Jha says:

      Exactly…there is no use of leaving a superficial comment. Moreover, I believe one can easily make out the genuine readers and the comment droppers.

      Thank You for the visit.. 🙂

      Found your posts interesting and voice genuine on the issues, that why following your blog. Will go through the other posts too… and definitely will leave a comment if I feel to add something.

  6. magiceye says:

    nice honest post…

  7. orange says:

    Hi Barun… I struggle a lot with being regular with writing… in fact I write less and struggle more. This post helped me a bit:) Coz’ I am thinking I can make atleast 2 posts a week with my schedule and both on different subjects that I wish to write about… let’s see how my plan goes… lol

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thank You Shweta.. 🙂
      You may also like the other post on same topic..

      I think 2 post a week is decent enough.. though I do not set targets for myself… Some week I will post on all days, some weeks I will post none.

  8. I wonder how can anyone post everyday. I feel they are genius. I can hardly come up with a post in a week. And, does looks matter? I don’t think so…Content, yes…I believe you have to network so that you are visible but after a point only content speaks…

    I do agree that we have all kinds of people here and each one will teach you something…:) So, as you said learn and move on…

    Great take!

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thank You Saru

      There are ppl who not only post everyday…but also maintain multiple blogs…kudos to to their writing flair…
      I too believe networking can get you visitors, but it is the quality of your content that gets you readers…

      Looks may/ may not matter, I am no expert. But going by the scores of praises of some real crap posts across different blogs, I could not rule out this possibility.

      and yes… MOVE ON… 😉

  9. Yeah, now I observed and looks matter…I am planning to get a portfolio done and put that picture as profile. But, I guess too late for me as I’m married. And, I want to touch the feet of someone who writes a post a day and that too on multiple blogs.

  10. Thanks for liking my post 🙂

    I have to admit *blush* I do post daily, and it is hard work, fitting it in around everything else I want/need to do lol

    I’m definitely NOT stat obsessed (thank heavens) but, it does feel pretty good to get a comment or “like” 🙂

    • Barun Jha says:

      Writing is hard work indeed…
      it is great that you are posting daily…

      Thanks for commenting…
      see I like it too.. 😉

  11. Thank you your post, previously it was interesting and compelling. I discovered my way here through Google, I am going to come back once more 🙂

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