WTH get into IIMs?

Another shallow musing…

You got 95+ percentile in CAT… you were amongst top ten in your batch at your college… You kept yourself sleep deprived right from your 10th standard to score 90+ percent in board exams which you repeated again in your 12th standard. When you thought you will make it too IIMs, they showed indecent finger to you. If you are wondering what went wrong, don’t ponder it won’t make any difference.

It was last year, somewhere in month of February, I was waiting for an interview. It was for admission to one of the management institutes in India. I got a call which I was not expecting and I was not prepared for the interview. When I went to the venue I was surprised, I was the only one scheduled for interview on the day. He made to wait in the lounge, the usher, one of the institute staff said “You can wait here, feel at home and let me know if you need coffee or something.”

“Thank You, I will prefer coffee” I replied. Pointing to the two doors on the sides, he said “Sir, will be here in an hour, this is his office. That is the room where your interview will be held.” And he pointed to the door at the farther end. More than the thought of extemporaneous interview, it was the name on the nameplate and what read below the word “Director” that gave me palpitations.

There was a spread of those tinted newsprint, those business tint on the glass table. I haven’t read any at least for last six months which I was sure. I waited, thinking it’s going to be screwed, only if I knew the panel. But I waited. Later I was called in by one of the institute official to join him over coffee in his office… so considerate of him to think of my boredom. Later another guy was ushered in his office; he was introduced to me as another candidate… I was a bit relieved thinking I am not going to be all alone. The introduction of this guy made me sure that I was at wrong place. But, I had already paid for my tickets and schedule so let’s face it, I challenged myself.

By the time we thought of waiting in lounge again, I was informed that “Sir is in, you are the first one to go.”

On another call, I entered the room, after exchange of greetings I positioned myself on the chair with a determination that I will bear whatever it takes, it is only a matter of few minutes. After they were done with the usual set of questions which I courted as sincerely as I could have at the moment, the aged guy, whose name only made me palpitate outside was smiling. He leaned forward on the table and I knew a big shot is coming my way.

“But Mr. Jha, why not an IIM?” he asked. What a genuine question I thought, and I was also sure it is going to ruin every positive crest I have created so far in this interview. I mumbled with words in my mind. “I think you are young and you should opt for a regular course at IIMs or elsewhere” He added on the top of it. The other two guys must have been smiling at me; I kept mum for a second and replied back.

“You know how it is with IIMs; you have headed the most prestigious one yourself. I think even if I score a 100 percentile there is no way they will let me enter their gates.”

I don’t know how childish was that reply, but it makes a lot of sense to me now. Eventually I made it through.

I didn’t appear for CAT this year. There are people with great percentile scores and great acads who didn’t make it through the selection criteria of many of the IIMs. It feels like it is unfair to test by trying to fit everyone in same mould, but there are people who are retained on the sieve who make it through, year after year people get into IIMs.


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2 Responses to WTH get into IIMs?

  1. nice one, liked it. these interviews can give anyone a heart attack 😀

  2. Barun Jha says:

    Thank You
    they are unpredictable…I feel with new filters in place.. getting into them is like testing your chance on dice roll..

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