More Notes on Blogging, Writing & Beyond

I thought I will write a deceptive introduction to this post, if not readers it will at least draw visitors. So, is this a post that promises to teach you all how to be a successful writer? No. Is this the post that bares it all the secrets to successful blogging? No. Does it come from a successful writer? No.
This is my fourth post in this series on Blogging, Writing & Beyond. You can reach the individual post through link at the bottom of post. Do read if you find it interesting. These are notes, learning progress, observations and some sarcasm on the blogging, writing and somewhere beyond.

• There are good blogs and there are bad blogs (blogs which does teach you what not to be as a blogger, in that sense they are good)… and then there are blogs of your friends which is follow despite the nature, content, genre and writing style and even if it is full of bull crap. * Conditions Apply. Not meant to offend anyone.

• Writing is hard work… reading and understanding the author’s perspective and analyzing it independently without any bias is harder and commenting to fuel a coherent, useful and enriching discussion is hardest. As a commenter, I believe you can comment on what you have read, but if you can write so well that your commenter comments on not what he has read but what you have written, I would call that a feat worthy envy.

• Blogging is a cool thing to do, but you run at a real risk of savaging your image. Your words can bite you anytime in a way least expected. Moreover, if perception of others matter to you, it is going to be a tough day. It is more likely that people would associate you with your blog. For some you are what you blog, but there exists a crowd who can differentiate between the blog as a work and the blogger.

• No, you do not need to blog on each and every topic on earth. Even if you describe yourself as a writer who has an opinion on everything, focus and you will find there are particular things you are good at. Differentiate between what is important and what is not.

• When lost, follow the lighthouse. If you are not one of the progenitors of blogging platforms, at one point of time you must have a blogger or a writer in mind, the feat of whom you like to achieve, you like his writing, knowingly or unknowingly under his heavy influence you copy his writing styles, you copy the subjects you blog upon. It is perfectly alright to follow. Right only… do not plagiarize… identify the distinction between aping and plagiarizing… there exist a narrow lane in between.

• Be the rock star. No, it doesn’t mean write about music. Love what you write and live with it. Write it post it like you care for no one while writing, like the rock star performing infront of thousands of crowd. He doesn’t care what will one of his audience think about his music, he may think of it afterwards, he may take critics, but not when performing. When you write, when you blog, it is your performance, it is divine, that deserve dignity in form of pure devotion. Write as if you are the only person who matters, write for pleasure.

• Moreover, if you have difficulty in writing, or you start with a blog post and struck on searching for the perfect way to present it, do not worry, you are exactly on the right track. It is common, it is the writers who understands and feel difficulty in writing.

• Keep it simple. Although it takes a lot of hard work to produce a simple read, again it is worth the effort.

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18 Responses to More Notes on Blogging, Writing & Beyond


    You could have left some spaces between..
    It will please the readers to go ahead without difficulties 🙂
    Everyone has a lesson to learn and a lesson to teach.
    Nice points>

    • Barun Jha says:

      Done… thanks for pointing out…
      updating a post is real difficult these days… thanks to the tardy speed of my so called broadband connection.. 😀

  2. umashankar says:

    You’ve done a thorough job of it, unlike many SEO experts, whom I hate. I agree to quite a few points there, specially the part about “reading and understanding the author’s perspective”. How many of us do it?

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thank You for appreciation
      I am not a SEO expert. I write what i feel like writing, people like it and it is satisfying as of now.

      For me SEO experts are like strategy advisers to snake & ladder players… 😉
      Only in some cases readers insist on understanding authors’ perspective, else we prefer to go by whatever we perceive irrespective of authors intentions.
      Moreover, I believe a good writer makes his perspective clear in his writing.

      Thank You again for visiting and commenting.

  3. Interesting post! I’m glad we’re agreed that writing is hard work 🙂 For myself, when I’m working on a novel, blogging is a way to inject some novelty in my routine. Blogging is also a bit like creativity on demand – unlike a novel where discipline is what sees one till the end.

    On that note, keep writing/blogging! Cheers

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thank You Manreet,
      I agree that blogging helps you to escape the rigor of hard work which regular writing is. Blogging lets you explore a wider horizon for creativity – unlike novel where you sail within the restrictions of plots & characters and settings.
      Thank You for visiting and commenting. Do come again. 🙂

  4. I like the honest note of this post…good work 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    I liked the tips 🙂 and to me it’s very annoying when people don’t understand the essence of what one writes and simply comments “Awesome/great/nice/..” ..I think that is such a lame and mean thing to do.Some people lack etiquette!! Blogging etiquette,I mean 😛

    Your post just hit the nail on its head!! 🙂

    • Barun Jha says:

      Thank You Jen
      At times bloggers are too pressed for time… And as conveyed by some fellow bloggers dropping such comments increases their blog visibility.
      I am sure some of them directly head for comments and drop ‘nice post’ without reading… 😉
      However, the depth of comment tells that attracts genuine readers, at least this is what I believe.

      Thank You for comments, hope you liked others posts on the series as well.

  6. srinistuff says:

    Very intersting article… Good insights.. Thanks 🙂

  7. Barun, loved your post, and an eye opener no doubt at any point of time.Two notes I could relate to.. Hard Work and Rockstar.. Definitely not easy to blog, and yes, when you write, you have to love it and mean what you say.. Have E_Mailed mysefl your post..

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