Early Morning Post

It doesn’t happen usually that you wake up at late hours of night and wonder what you were doing up in life lately. Now, 6 am is too late at night in this western part of the country, had it been Sikkim it would have been a fruitful thing to do, considering I would have waited for sunrise, watching sunrise at least once a year, if not necessary is a good thing one should do.

As I check the time, I realize the futility of my effort to switch on the lights. The power is gone. It happens here too. Now having lived in two power surplus state and eternally blacked out Bihar, I am sure this is not a thing to crib about, however, one can generalize that there is nothing called a perfect state. Or in terms of Yin Yang symbol, there is a part of Bihar in every Gujrat and a part of Gujrat in every Bihar. Go figure out which part and where I am talking about.

I felt an urge to write and more particularly a bid adieu to my colleagues at recent job considering my next plans, a short crisp one. But no its not going to happen with me, as I gather thoughts, I am sure with a little bit of infused sarcasm it will run into pages.

What was the last blog post?


See, isn’t that a perfect question to ask yourself?

Whatever, you were traveling somewhere in the far east…

I got it….another 1000 words or so in drafts and I am yet to arrive at the destination… I can’t figure out whats going on.

Wait, don’t you think you need more practice on writing.

You mean what I have been doing is not writing.

Its writing, but it is more of story telling, or like practicing detailing to unnecessary proposition. It is like writing a 1000 page point less novel.


Beside being a miser on details, you should show more by your words rather then telling the same thing in words, as followed by many writers.

I know, that is Hemingway and his Iceberg Theory.




About Barun Jha

Infrastructure Professional, Introvert,Writer, Wonderer, Wanderer
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10 Responses to Early Morning Post

  1. Arnab says:

    This post of yours left me confused Barun, but whatever it is, I wish you all success in your new endeavor wherever it be..Wishing you loads of luck

  2. subhorup says:

    I have been working on my “why I quit my job” post for the last one year, and I too don’t think it will ever see the light of day, and perhaps it shouldn’t too. Could identify with your feelings.

    • Barun Jha says:

      there was a strong urge in the morning… but I haven’t planned it as a blog post… as you say “perhaps it shouldn’t be”..

  3. Dee.. says:

    brilliant barun…
    i dono on what basis you wrote this one, may be after a quitting a job or whatever, i liked the style u handled 🙂 something i can feel from your words…
    applause 🙂 rock on….

  4. debajyoti says:

    i saw ur post in the morning but i was in the middle of my post so i thought i ll finish mine and then peacefully read urs. ur post helped me in many ways. what i want to write, i cannot put it in words :D. waiting for the second part of ur previous post.

  5. Here for the first time, you conveyed your mental state very well, I am sure everyone of us has faced it in life sometime or the other.


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