Capacity utilization & up gradation of Port Infrastructure

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Recent developments at Gateway and other terminals at JNPT will have cost implication for shippers and it has left them seeking for alternate hub for export cargoes. The port of JNPT as a whole is congested and running beyond its capacity. The sordid state of affairs is reflected in increased waiting time for berth, time at berth and overall turnaround time. The service parameters create financial implication for both liners and shippers; as a result it is obvious to look for alternate solution.


But, where will they go?

The adjoining terminals are faring no better, and faces the same problem of congestion, increasing turnaround time. NSCIT, JNPCT are already running to capacity and have no space and berthing available to accommodate any surge in volume.

The combined capacity of JNPT container terminals is around 4.1 million TEUs per annum and their utilization rates exceeds cent per cent. Past data reveals…

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