TAMP Guidelines for Determination of Tariff, 2013

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A new Tariff Guidelines for setting tariff for port services was announced by Ministry of Shipping (MoS) on 31st July 2013. It is aimed to level playing field in Ports Sector by providing flexibility to major ports and private terminal operators at major ports to set market linked tariffs.

The guidelines will be applicable to any Major ports and any other PPP arrangement after 31st July 2013 for a period of 05 years unless revoked or modified earlier. Projects governed by the 2005 Guidelines and the 2008 Guidelines remains unaffected.


The port trust proposes the reference tariff for each service or category of service along with the performance standards to TAMP. The reference tariff remains the maximum fixed tariff at the concerned major port trust provided with escalation of 60% of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) per annum. In no tariff has been fixed for a commodity in the…

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