Indian Highways – What Slowed It Down?

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The financial year 2012-13 was anything but disappointment on road development in India. There was a tall target to build and at least award projects to the tune of more than 24 km per day through public private partnership and direct EPC contracts which comes to around 9500 km of nation highways in the year. Ministry and NHAI were able to award a meager 1300 km, only a fraction of that on public private partnership. The situation doesn’t look better so far for the seven months till October in 2013-14.

There exist issues that restrain the growth of public private partnerships in general and as listed in my post What ails Public Private Partnerships in Highways in India? As on date, when it comes to award of new projects on PPP, highly leveraged balance sheet, cautious banks when it comes to infra lending and traffic and its growth lower than expectation…

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