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This is account of my four Years at NIT Patna and memorable events.

Death of the Typewriter

So You Think You Type????? There used to be a time when it used to mark offices and and used to be a cool possession of writers. Their years of  existence terminated into an uncelebrated extiction. Found this worn out … Continue reading

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The Idea of Material & Equipment Management

Materials and equipments management is very crucial part in any project execution. Equipments involve heavy investment, so any leniency in selection, procurement, operation and maintenance can lead to adverse affect on project performance. With more and more mechanization of construction … Continue reading

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NIT Patna

If you are looking for information on this institute,I’m sure there are not many web pages. So being an alumni of this institute with glorious past, I thought of assembling things which you really seek. Here is what official website … Continue reading

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