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More Notes on Blogging, Writing & Beyond

I thought I will write a deceptive introduction to this post, if not readers it will at least draw visitors. So, is this a post that promises to teach you all how to be a successful writer? No. Is this … Continue reading

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No Blogging. Some Reasons.

It’s a week since I posted here last and it feels like I have been here was a long time ago. “Long, long ago, there was a guy named … who blogged and then he didn’t, for a week, he … Continue reading

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If only I had a few extra hours . . .

Life is a paradox, for I keep on doing things with a consolation that one day I will be back to doing what I enjoy. Most of the unfulfilled yearns are attributed to lack of time to spend on them … Continue reading

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Comparison & Parallelism in GMAT

Post #2 Comparison as a form of parallelism compares two or more parts of a sentence. On GMAT one should spot signal words which usually indicates a comparison being made, thereafter one should looks for the parts of sentence being … Continue reading

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Comparison & Parallelism in GMAT

Post #1 A sentence in GMAT sentence correction needs to be structurally & logically sound. If sentence consists of parts and if these parts are comparable, then parallelism ensures that the comparable parts are structurally and logically similar. To know … Continue reading

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Reviews, Appreciation and Blog Promotion

With my limited broadness of experience and skills to generalize, what I generalize is everyone out there is hungry for some appreciation. Honest or phony, if it is appreciation, we love it. Every appreciation received or given has a motive, … Continue reading

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Death of the Typewriter

So You Think You Type????? There used to be a time when it used to mark offices and and used to be a cool possession of writers. Their years of  existence terminated into an uncelebrated extiction. Found this worn out … Continue reading

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