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Your Office Can be Greener

Few cheats and cracks to turn your office green. Some are simple others needs disciplined effort. But result is all same, a lot of savings and pride for your organization. So let’s start. Disposable cups are really a nuisance, don’t … Continue reading

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Who is in Danger Planet or Us?

When I say, Go Green Save the Planet, it is not the planet that is in danger it is us. Yes Earth withstood many torments and severe conditions arising due to chemical and physical occurrences in different geological era. Many … Continue reading

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Waste Disposal Units Mandatory for Large Housing Complexes

To cover up its own inefficiencies regarding Solid Waste Management BBMP has forced Karnataka State Pollution Control Board to make it mandatory for large apartments to have an on site solid waste management unit. If newspaper reports are to be … Continue reading

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Don’t use paper cups

How easy and handy it is when we want to have a cup of our favorite drink, be it hot coffee, tea or cold beverages.  These cups have a recyclable logo printed on them. If you think there is no … Continue reading

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