One More Day

It is a fine January morning, the chill as usual is compounded by a little wind. From the shadow of the lonely palm tree cast upon the adjacent square house, I can make out the intensity of winter sun which is seemingly enough to start the day.

On way to office, I did a recall of things pending on writing front. I made a quick note of my phone which turned out to be a list. A few books were delivered yesterday. Gabriel Garcia Marquez… I need to finish on Graham Greene by the end of the day.

There are works for two new sections on the blog pending. One page will be for pure fiction, a novelette I am thinking of writing in parts. One post every Saturday will be optimum.

The other page will be dedicated to book reviews. I have not decided on any specific time frame, but it will be as and when I finish reading one. It is a derived idea, actually I thought of adding a reading page for year 2012. This reading page was supposed to document my reading for the year. Despite having read the book, I was fumbling over the words while writing its description. Gifted are those who do it with flair, it takes a lot of courage and confidence for commentary on someone’s published works. I found it challenging, so I decided to write a review for each of the books I will read. Let’s see how it comes up.

14th January, a special day, sometimes it is cheerless not to be on that celebration.


Makar Sankranti, Bihu, Uttarayan, Pongal, Maghi,.. add what all I am missing 

To all

4200+ words so far in 2012 on Barunjha’s Blog

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2 Responses to One More Day

  1. Hariharan says:

    Interesting! Lot of resolutions and planning!

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